The Best Reader-Suggested Baby Shower Gifts

"It's ... something miniaturized and adorable!"

You LearnVesters are something special. After our Baby Shower Etiquette Guide, we asked readers about their favorite baby shower gifts, given and gotten. And because so many of the responses were creative, touching, and made us jot them down on sticky notes to keep them in mind, we thought we would share them with everyone.

Enjoy this slide show of more fantastic baby gifts, courtesy of some fabulous LearnVesters.

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Tell us in the comments: What else is out there when it comes to fabulous baby shower gifts?

  • Anonymous

    Thanks readers for such great suggestions! Any ones that we missed?nCheers,nCaroline WaxlernLearnVest’s Chief Content and Community Officer

  • Anonymous

    My go-to gift is a gift card to the spa downtown. It’s a luxury that often the mother wouldn’t treat herself to and often these places have treatments for expecting mothers.

  • Anonymous

    Done the baby towel as wrapping paper thing before. It was the smartest move. Gift looked great.

  • Isabell

    Whenever I am invited to a baby shower I always use my sewing machine to come up with creative gifts. In two weeks I am going to another wonderful baby shower and I just made a travel sleeping bag for the baby in modern printed fleece fabric with both a zipper on front and an animal fabric patch on the side. All of this just costed me $8, SO instead of spending money I am spending my time and giving something special. For everyone out there who’s creative, there are so many things to make and give away. This will be just as appreciated. Good luck!