Hot Waitresses? Office Romance? The 7 Weirdest Effects Of The Recession

Hot Waitresses? Office Romance? The 7 Weirdest Effects Of The Recession

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Many of us are still feeling the effects of the down economy, even though it was recently announced the recession officially ended in June 2009. Unemployment, bankruptcies, and foreclosures are some expected results of the economic downturn, but some other rather unusual ones turned up as well.

1. Hot Waitresses

Apparently the hotter your waitresses are, the more likely it is there's a recession going on. I'm not quite sure what the reason is, but I'm sure you'll have fun speculating.

2. Decline In Marriage

The rate of marriage hit its lowest point in over 100 years last year. Maybe people are getting cold feet because of marriage-associated costs. On the other hand, more and more couples are moving in together, perhaps to save costs on living expenses.

3. Recession-Themed Apprentice

Most of the contestants are products of the recession — down-on-their-luck contenders who are without jobs. Seems like the new theme didn't really resonate with viewers: this season's premiere had the lowest ratings.

4. Shyness About Office Romance

With low job security, people are shying away from starting relationships at work because they do not want to risk their jobs. Proponents of office romances say it helps lessen the number of sick days taken. I guess it depends on how turbulent the relationship is. If you're getting into fights all the time with your partner, wouldn't you want to avoid him at work?

5. Bankrupt Blockbuster

America's favorite video rental store filed for bankruptcy last month. This is both indicative of the recession and the fact that everything is going online these days. It's hard to compete against companies like Netflix, but Blockbuster is trying! The company has secured contracts that enables it to deliver movies 28 days earlier than its competitors.

6. More Fake Sick Days

One-third of survey respondents said they took a day off work when they were feeling totally fine at least once last year. According to the survey, bosses said they think their employees are taking time off due to stress and burnout from the recession. It can be very stressful tightening those purse strings and worrying about your mortgage loan.

7. More Bargaining

More people are turning to bargaining to get a better deal. You can bargain hotel rooms, furniture, delivery charges, bank fees, and more! Check out how we used bargaining to get a $1,099 couch for just $250!

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Tell us in the comments: What's the weirdest effect of the recession?


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