Recruiters Name 25 Top Universities For Prospective Employees

Recruiters Name 25 Top Universities For Prospective Employees

It’s a college view book’s dream—at least, for the schools included in the list. The top 25 schools picked as prime recruiting resources isn’t just a who’s-who of Ivies, either—it’s a pretty broad spectrum of state schools and large universities that steer pretty clear of increasingly-competitive small liberal arts schools.

Liberal Arts Hold Little Interest For Recruiters

But, we already knew to expect that. We read a few weeks back that recruiters foster relationships with large state schools, who provide a deep pool of potential recruits who are already somewhat effectively socialized to corporate culture. The question it brings to mind is this: If—when college students are more focused on employment prospects than ever—recruiters are known to favor large universities, why are liberal arts colleges still so competitive?

Prioritize The Intellect Or The Job Prospects?

Certainly, one could argue the “enrichment of the mind” angle, or the “school picks the student” angle, but with a 9.5% unemployment rate this August, it’s worth considering that students should angle their education to a destination rather than a four-year suspended animation. But of course, that argument makes much more sense in general theory than personal practice.

For your viewing pleasure (and to help alums feel superior), the top five recruiter-picked schools:

  1. Pennsylvania State University
  2. Texas A&M University
  3. University Of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign
  4. Purdue University
  5. Arizona State University

To see the entire list, along with tuition and admissions information, check it out HERE at The Wall Street Journal.

Tell us in the comments: What leads a student to a particular college—is it about love at first sight, admission at first deposit, or something else?


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