Rebel Against The Rain: 5 SavvySugar Tips For Staying Productive

Rebel Against The Rain: 5 SavvySugar Tips For Staying Productive

We're so excited to have another great SavvySugar post here on LearnVest!

Not sure how the weather's been elsewhere, but San Francisco's gloomy rain has us wanting to stay indoors. So this weekend will be a good time for us to get things done and recharge for the week ahead. Want to know how we’ll do it? Read on for our tips on staying productive.

1. Don't Think About Work (Too Much)

Having a definite time for fun with family and friends is a good way to get your idea juices recharged for the week ahead.

2. Get In Some Solitary Relax Time

Sometimes all you need is a good magazine or book or an afternoon at the thrift store to clear your mind.

3. Use Shower Time To Steam Up Some Good Ideas

Stuck on a problem at work that has an impending deadline? Focus on your problem-solving while you lather up, and you just might have your eureka moment in the shower.

4. Set Up A New To-Do Routine

Post-it notes and lost slips of paper not doing it for you anymore? Take some time this weekend to discover a new favorite system for managing your to-do list.

5. Look Forward To Mondays

Use these five tips for weekend goal setting so you'll be ready to take on Monday with a vengeance!

Tell us in the comments: How do you stay productive?


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