Get Organized With 5 Cheap, Easy, And Savvy Tools

Get Organized With 5 Cheap, Easy, And Savvy Tools

Another week, another awesome Savvy Sugar post. This time around, they've scoured the web to find their top five organization tools—goodness knows we could use them!

People have problems transitioning from paper to pixels, but tech tools are a handy way to keep you organized. Not only is it great for the environment, but it's also a lot more convenient to do all your organizing from one platform. Readers have said they wanted to become more online savvy, so we’re sharing some of our favorite websites that help us stay organized. Take the plunge this October and start organizing with just a few clicks of your mouse!

1. Remember The Milk

Remember your milk and everything else on this free electronic to-do list. Reminders can even be sent to your Gmail or sent via text and IM. The best thing about it is you can sync it up to a lot of programs including Microsoft Outlook and iCal. For us, the biggest perk is accessing it on our cell phone!

2. Google . . . Everything

We know we listed Remember the Milk as an electronic to-do list fave, but guess what? Google has its own electronic task list. The thing we love about it is it's always there when we’re checking our Gmail, Gchat, or Google Docs (which is practically 24/7, I'm such a Google addict!). Google Docs is also a great way to create lists online and share them with friends to read and edit. We have everything up there, from travel itineraries to lists of favorite websites.

3. ING's Sub-Savings Account

We found this great tip from Ramit of I Will Teach You to Be Rich that we've been using for a while now. You can create these automated sub-savings accounts within your ING direct savings account and divide them into categories like Savvy's savings and travel. We even created an emergency piggy bank category (like Ramit's stupid mistakes tab) that we crack open anytime something unexpected happens. It's a great way to organize your finances and to make sure your money is going towards worthy goals every month.

4. Adium

This is a must-have program if you're juggling different chat programs like Gchat, Aim, and even Facebook chat! On Adium, you can access the accounts of 15 different chat programs and squeeze all your contacts onto one list.

5. HootSuite

If you're like us, you'll have multiple social media accounts running in Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Wordpress, and more. To keep everything neat and tidy, we manage them all from the comfort of our HootSuite home. We love, love this program because things can get a little confusing when you're logging in with different usernames through a web browser. The best part is, you can even time the messages you send out on HootSuite!

To read the article in its original slide show, head on over to Savvy Sugar! CLICK HERE.


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