No Need For A Cuisinart: This Simple Kitchen Equipment Will Do The Trick

Hopefully I've inspired some of you to try your hand at a recipe or two—but I don't expect everyone to go out and buy expensive mixers and other unnecessary equipment. Some very basic tools, at a modest investment, are vital for safe and efficient food prep.

Click through our slide show to see the kitchen equipment I couldn't live without.

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Tell us in the comments: What kitchen equipment couldn't you live without?

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  • Anonymous

    Deborah, great article! For me the item is a refrigerator! Aside from that, the microwave is a necessity in my house! Readers, what are your necessities?nCheers,nCarolinenLearnVest’s Chief Content & Community Officer

    • Anonymous

      That took, of course!

  • Anonymous

    Deborah, great post! For me that’s a refrigerator. Any suggestions of types to get?nReaders, what can you not live without?nCheers,nCarolinenLearnVest’s Chief Content & Community Officer

    • DG

      Regardless of the fridge you have, everyone should have a thermometer in the refrigerator. The temperature in the fridge should be no higher than 42 degrees- which is the low end of the “danger zone” (between 42 – 140 degrees bacteria grows at an accelerated pace)

  • Anonymous

    For me it’s a television. It keeps me from going crazy and it amuses my daughter when she is playing nearby.