New Travel Site Prioritizes Your Budget: Meet Wanderfly

New Travel Site Prioritizes Your Budget: Meet Wanderfly

We love to travel, but tend to get discouraged somewhere around the sixth or seventh hour of research. The world is one overwhelming oyster! Enter Wanderfly, a fun new travel inspiration website that gathers a little information from us, then suggests a place, flight, and accommodations for a trip we might enjoy. Think of them as your well-traveled friend—with the technology to aggregate information from over 20 top travel sites.

Leave The Ideas To WanderFly

Wanderfly is new on the scene, but is quickly becoming our Pandora for travel—it recommends favorites we didn’t know we had with only minimal input. Co-founder Christy Liu puts it like this:

Travelers only need to answer 3 questions before landing on a recommendation on Wanderfly: Where are they leaving from, what do they like to do while traveling, and how much do they want to spend for their flight and hotel? We match their criteria, including their budget, to our database and present them personalized recommendations. Few, if any, travel sites out there today help people travel within their means. Most present laundry lists of options with varying prices. Wanderfly lets the traveler lead with their budget.

Liu specifies that Wanderfly isn’t just looking at price—it’s looking at value. For instance, a flight that’s $5 more expensive but makes fewer stops would be recommended over its cheaper, less convenient counterpart.

It’s Our Favorite New Toy

There are two things that we value above all: frugality and convenience. So obviously, a travel site that prioritizes our budget (and eliminates the average 25 sites and 7 weeks of travel research Google has revealed we usually use) strikes our fancy. If you’ll excuse us, we’ll be looking up trips with keywords “warm” and “beach.”

Find a trip especially tailored to you at! (CLICK HERE)

Tell us in the comments: What are the keywords for your next trip? Or do you already have a destination in mind?


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