New Gap Logo Short-Lived, Classic Image Prevails

New Gap Logo Short-Lived, Classic Image Prevails

The customer is always right—right? It’s easy to feel like our favorite companies, brands, and services are ignoring our wishes (see every Facebook change petition ever), but every once in a while the consumer is heard. First there was the Sun Chips bag, and now it’s the Gap logo.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Along with musings on the recession, foreclosures, and progress towards space travel, the news has been buzzing with the fact that Gap changed its iconic white-on-navy logo to a fresher, more modern black-on-white-with-a-hint-of-blue version. Turns out, everyone hated it. And we say hated, past tense, because after only one week with their new logo, Gap has reverted back to the classic design.

Customers Spoke, Gap Listened

Bloomberg reports that over 1,000 Facebook comments against the new design drew the company’s attention to the consumer’s unhappiness. After six straight months of declining sales, the new logo had been designed to appeal to “Millenials” (consumers in their 20s and early 30s) but missed the mark. And while they can’t be faulted for some marketing miscalculations, Gap should surely be commended for sending a message that’s both classic and contemporary: loyalty to its customers.

Tell us in the comments: Did Gap make the right move in switching back to the old logo, or should they have pressed onward with the modern version?


Image Credit: Styleite


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