Mukesh Ambani Completes Antilla, The World’s Most Opulent Home

Mukesh Ambani Completes Antilla, The World’s Most Opulent Home

The most opulent home in the world is 27 stories tall, covers about 400,000 square feet, and cost about $1 billion. It’s called Antilla, and it belongs to 53-year-old Mukesh Ambani, who is well on his way to becoming the world’s richest person.

We’ll Go With Interest Rather Than Resentment

Yes, we know that the staggering wealth of someone who isn’t you might not be a subject you’re anxious to read about, but we can’t help our fascination—peek at the pictures down below and you’ll understand why. (A full slide show of rendered images is available at Forbes. CLICK HERE.) The structure is a hulking example of the newest innovations in architecture (although perhaps not in aesthetics, depending on your taste), and is only a house, or even a mansion, by the loosest of definitions.


The Barbie Dream House Has Nothing On Antilla

For what house has a staff of 600? Or three helipads on the roof? The South Mumbai home also boasts a 50-seat movie theater, swimming pools—yes, that’s more than one—a ballroom, a six-floor parking garage, and a four-story hanging garden. As far as the 27 floors go, that’s 27 floors that equal about 60 of regular height. And although it rather seems like an enormous target, it’s said to have been constructed especially to withstand both earthquakes and explosions. Nothing but the best for Ambani, his wife, three children, and mother. Our suggestion: Give every person who enters an iPad or cellphone—that way you can find them as they disappear into the clouds.

Tell us in the comments: What features would you have in your dream home? Also, is Ambani’s home beautiful or horrible? Leave your Twitter handle in the comments for further conversation!

Exterior Photo Credit: Forbes

Photo Collage Credit: EntMoney


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