Make The Most Of Online Coupons With These 6 Tips

Make The Most Of Online Coupons With These 6 Tips

6 Ways To Prevent Yourself From Going Coupon-Crazy

We love sales, and deals, and bargains. Therefore, we love coupon websites. Every day there's a new activity, or service, or treat, at only part of the price! But we'll admit it: Sometimes we get carried away.

Thank goodness the clever minds over at Savvy Sugar foresaw our coupon-burnout and put together six rules to keep us from going overboard with the coupon-inspired purchases. Tip number one is now on a Post-It at our elbow:

Don't rush

The deal is not going to go away forever if you don't buy it today. More often than not, similar coupons will surface, and sometimes I even see the same deal appearing again. Don't buy on impulse, and wait for the deals that you're looking out for, whether it be teeth whitening or a romantic Italian dinner.

For the rest of the wallet-preserving tips, head on over to Savvy Sugar!


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