Beware The Snookis: This Halloween Will Be All About The Jersey Shore

Beware The Snookis: This Halloween Will Be All About The Jersey Shore

We were already aware that the cast members of Jersey Shore earn their super-sized salaries by being characterizations of themselves, but this Halloween, it looks like we’ll follow in their footsteps.

Spencer’s Astonished by Shore Sales

Spencer’s, the Halloween costume superstore, has reported that Jersey Shore costumes have outstripped Lady Gaga as the disguise of choice this holiday. The store’s top outfits for 2010 are prominent pop-culture figures and movie characters: Iron Man, Buzz Lightyear, and… Barack Obama.

MTV Produces Its First Costumes

MTV, correctly seeing an opportunity in the market dominated by Spencer’s, launched their own line of Jersey Shore costumes. The adult costume market (that’s not careful phrasing—we’re really talking about Halloween costumes) is expected to reach almost $1 billion this year. Children’s costumes are projected to earn only $800 million.

Five Hours Might Be Enough

Part of the fun of Halloween is being someone else for a night. But remember, as you peel off the leopard-print dress and deflate the pouf: For some people, these aren’t costumes.

Tell us in the comments: Which pop-culture figure would you be for Halloween? Do you even wear a costume as an adult?


Image Credit: WSJ


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