It’s Listening: Help New York City With Savings Suggestions

Libby Kane

The Home Of Wall Street Could Use Some Savings Advice.

After publishing our piece on teaching kids to save money, we got to thinking: There are a lot of great ideas out there! And we’re not the only ones.

Caroline Waxler, our fabulous Chief Community Officer, brought New York City’s newest idea to our attention: The city government has created an online submission website for ideas to save NYC money. Think of it as a large-scale, online suggestion box. No more keeping those great ideas to yourselves!

Make your suggestions at (CLICK HERE).

Give us a preview in the comments: How can a major city cut back its spending?

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  • Triptie

    Well, there’s no money to be saved in the subway system… I think they’ve cut back all they can there! nn…Actually, if they didn’t run through the night they’d save a lot of money. But the uproar would be outrageous.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, Libby! They should have do more private/public partnerships and encourage more volunteering. I’m guessing that we could be motivated to clean up the parks etc to pick up the slack from recent cutbacks. Success there could lead to an augmenting of volunteer corps.nCheers,nCarolinenLearnVest’s Chief Content and Community Officer

  • Guest

    Are other cities doing this too? Or just Noo Yawk?

  • Guest

    I suggest that subways have drastically reduced schedules on the weekend. Most people aren’t working and the city should cater to the majority. There’s no reason to waste staff on that. Also, post offices should close on Saturdays.n

  • R. RoweRd Rowe

    The MTA runs trains and buses, may the other departments should follow other industry standards, telecommunications, internet service, construction projects, and yes of course get rid of 75% of contractors and let MTA trained employees do the work they are paid to do

  • Guest

    1) MTA should make the bus operators who are on light duty chauffeur the big executives to their meeting or let them drive themselves and carry a special parking permit and stop hiring private contractors. rn2) Stop putting those dividers everywhere, they are causing traffic conjestion and they are ugly.rn3) Do NOT change the street signs…what is wrong with the ones that are up right now????rn4) Create an apprenticeship program to train young people after high school to do the jobs that are now being done by private contractors.rn5) Put a cap on the overtime of supervisors and as a condition for overtime make them train their subordinates to perform the duties they perform.rn6) Put a maximum age of retirement on employees. make them retire at 70yrs old, hire younger people to do the job. I see employees who are well above the age of retirement still working and moving like snails. I think they are greedy!!!