Hitting The Grocery Store? Save Money At Whole Foods

Hitting The Grocery Store? Save Money At Whole Foods

18 Tips To Save Big Bucks At Whole Foods

Yum, Whole Foods. The foodies over at Savvy Sugar know that our tastes run organic (when we can afford it) and delicious, and they've put together a plan of action for tackling the formidable food superstore. Clearly, they've done their research:

1. Follow The Guide
Pick up the Whole Deal value guide that highlights deals, contains coupons, budget-friendly recipes under $4, and money-saving tips. It's also available online!

2. Be A Tourist
Take a value tour. There are in-store value gurus lead tours to show shoppers how to find the best deals and enjoy savings.

3. Save With Social Media
Most stores or metro areas have their own Twitter and Facebook pages, and they definitely list deals and specials there. Additionally, many stores have deals for the "mayor" of a particular store via Foursquare check-ins.

4. Scoop Your Herbs And Spices
Buy only what you need, usually for less than 15 cents per teaspoon.

And there's more! We'll never empty our wallets at Whole Foods again. For the rest of the money-saving tips, check out the whole article at Savvy Sugar. CLICK HERE.

Tell us in the comments: What's your favorite grocery store, and how do you save money?


Image Courtesy Of: Inside SoCal


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