Hit The Brakes: BMW Recalls Over 300,000 Cars

Hit The Brakes: BMW Recalls Over 300,000 Cars

First it was Fisher Price, and now it’s BMW issuing a major recall. Due to an issue with the brakes, BMW is recalling 350,800 vehicles as a precautionary measure. Current owners had been complaining that they needed to apply more pressure to the brake pedal in cars with higher mileage, so the manufacturer will fix brake-pressure pumps in 5-,6-, and 7-Series models, as well as Rolls-Royce cars that were built between 2002 and 2010.

No Spontaneous Explosions Expected

According to Bloomberg, the company insists that the brake issues aren’t a safety issue and that the recall is “pro-active” to avoid further issues in the future. The repair will likely take only “a couple of hours,” and in the wake of a stock decline, the company emphasizes convenience and simplicity.

Eliminate The Risk

Again, safety first! If you drive a BMW that’s an affected model (the newest 5-series sedan is exempt from the brake issues), make sure to bring it in for what is supposed to be a quick repair. If you’re in doubt as to your model or its susceptibility to the problem, ring your dealer and ask. For your $50,000, the least they can do is tell you.

Tell us in the comments: Are recalls reassuring because the company noticed its mistake, or worrisome because they made one in the first place?

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