The Cost of Following History’s Great Explorers

Columbus Day is all about being adventurous; it’s a time to think about exploring new “territory,” which can mean anything from picking up a new hobby to learning a new skill. Although you can be adventurous for free, some of the most famous explorers of all time sure couldn’t. It’s hard to estimate how much, say, Columbus spent to get to the New World, but we’ve run the numbers to estimate how much it would cost someone today to replicate the journeys of the greats. These calculations are obviously subjective, but the huge sums put us in awe of how arduous these explorations must have been ages ago. Here’s how we figure:

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Tell us in the comments: You just got a month off in honor of Columbus Day (go with us here). Where would you like to explore?

  • Guest

    What about that great explorer Lauren Lyons Cole?

  • Cistern

    Columbus did not discover America

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    • LoveLV

      Leif Garrett did

      • LoveLV

        ooooops Leif Erikson

  • mlkh

    Columbus was an unscrupulous man seeking personal gain who committed atrocities and opened the door to both genocide and the slave trade (doing a bit of both himself.) We should instead celebrate the indigenous communities who have overcome enormous odds to survive and maintain their cultural heritage.

    • SingularSensation

      Here here!

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  • LoveLV

    Where is Amelia Earheart