Free Music Download Program LimeWire Shut Down By Court

Free Music Download Program LimeWire Shut Down By Court

Fare thee well, LimeWire. After years of law-skirting notoriety, LimeWire has finally been shut down by federal order.

LimeWire Was The Most Popular Of Its Kind

For those of you still buying CDs and faithfully purchasing iTunes, LimeWire is (was) a downloadable file-sharing program. Its main purpose was to “share” music—to let people upload and download music for free, without any kickback to the artist or label. While it didn’t exactly plaster “Best way to steal music!” across its homepage, it’s pretty well acknowledged that music theft was its driving force.

The RIAA Pressed Charges, Won

That being the case, its shut-down was a matter of time. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) claimed that the free music could have led to a loss of billions of dollars revenue. From TorrentFreak:

According to the injunction, LimeWire “intentionally encouraged infringement” by LimeWire users, it is used “overwhelmingly for infringement” and it knew about the “substantial infringement being committed” by its users.

LimeWire was immediately shut down by order of the New York District Court, but expects to recreate itself with a “non-infringing” service.

We’re Not The Only Ones

Ethically, we know that downloading copyrighted material for free is stealing (yes, we've  seen those PSAs). But on another, very-well-hidden-and-not-at-all-admitting-use-of-the-program level, we’re sad to see LimeWire go.

Tell us in the comments: How do you feel about illegal file-sharing? Does it upset you or are you happy that it exists?


Image Credit: Vicarious Music


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