Fight Off Jet Lag With Savvy Sugar’s Expert Tips

Fight Off Jet Lag With Savvy Sugar’s Expert Tips

Samantha Brown Tip: How To Fight Off Jet Lag

Long-distance travel can seem very glamorous, but memory often glosses over the grittier aspects. Security checks. Plane food. Jet lag.

Well, Savvy Sugar consulted an expert (Travel Channel host Samantha Brown) about overcoming that last one, and here's a little of what she had to say:

The worst thing you can do is sleep. You have to fight off sleep. You have to get yourself on that schedule or you’ll just feel terrible for three to four days right from the beginning. Also, I sleep on the plane and that’s my first night of good sleep.

To read Samantha's favorite tip (hint: it has to do with caffeine), check out the article at Savvy Sugar!


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