Easy-To-Make, Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas

We’re officially in Halloween countdown mode: Pumpkins have been picked, pies have been made, and candy is in stock. But the question remains: Who to be this year? We’ve waited until the last minute (and we’re not supporters of spending real money on an outfit that we’ll wear for just one night) so we’re looking for costumes that are easy and cost us nothing. As a result, we bring you last-minute costumes that can be made from stuff you already own:

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Tell us in the comments: What's the most creative (and low budget!) costume you've ever worn...or seen?

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  • Anonymous

    What are you dressing up as this Halloween? Let us know.nIf it’s Jersey Shore Related you might want to check out the post we just did. http://blog.learnvest.com/living-frugally/keep-an-eye-out-for-snookis-this-halloween-will-be-all-about-the-jersey-shore-826/nCheers,nCaroline WaxlernLearnVest’s Chief Content and Community Officer

    • Haha, my best friend has announced that she’s going to be a fork this Halloween. I may be a whisk. We also need someone to be a spoon and walk around hugging people all night “spooning.”

  • guest

    too many costumes for blondes! what about us brunettes?!

    • Anonymous

      Great point. For brunettes how about Cleopatra? (With all the buzz around the biography and exhibits that would be a timely choice). A aluminum foil head ornament and a white toga and sandals would be a good base.

    • Anonymous

      Dancing Bristol Palin, Witch Christine O’Donnell, Angelina Jolie in Salt, Madmen character. Easy!

    • Anonymous

      Beyonce would be another good one for brunettes. So simple fo you to make.

  • Han

    …..best…”Jersey accent”?nn…well that’s offensive.

    • Jerseyless

      Also inaccurate, as most of the cast members aren’t from Jersey.

      • Anonymous


    • Anonymous


  • Marnie

    Halloween is insanely difficult for me… I never plan ahead and usually hate my costume. Looks like this year will be a repeat performance…It’s all about the candy, anyway!