Earn Some Brownie Points on National Bosses Day 2010

Earn Some Brownie Points on National Bosses Day 2010

Sometimes it feels like every day is a holiday. Usually we find out the day after that it was administrative professional’s day, or ice cream day, or pet day. But this time, we’re proud of ourselves for being ahead of the curve: Friday, October 15th is  National Bosses Day.

Half a Century of Boss Appreciation

Well, it might be Boss’ Day. Or Day of the Boss. It really depends who you ask. Begun in 1958 and made official in 1962 by Patricia Hayes to celebrate her father and boss, the holiday is observed in the U.S, Canada, England, Australia, and South Africa. Anyone (who has been trolling the internet for information on Bosses Day) would tell you that it’s traditionally celebrated on October 16th, but there’s a problem: This year, that’s a Saturday. Consequently, our calendar for tomorrow reads “National Boss’s Day.” Again, the spelling appears to be subjective.

It’s a Highly Personal Celebration

You’ve probably noticed that it reeks of Hallmark holiday, invented to sell cards and dolphin-choking balloons, and that it’s not all that widely observed. In fact, workers observe this day in different ways. There’s the discreet brown-nosing option, involving thoughtful gifts and sentiments, as well as the good-natured pranks option (for examples, there’s a fun slide show HERE). Or, there’s the budget-friendly, everyone-sign-a-group-card-and-enjoy-some-empty-calories option. We’ll leave it up to you.

Tell us in the comments: Have you ever celebrated Bosses Day? Would you? Feel free to leave us your Twitter handle for further conversation!


Image Credit: Cafe Press


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