Decorate A Room With 8 Fun Fall Craft Ideas On The Cheap

As we recover from a hectic summer and prepare for the holiday season, we’re looking forward to spending some time at home relaxing. One of our favorite ways to kick back is to get the creative juices flowing, so we’ve compiled our favorite fun, inexpensive crafts for every single room of our home. After all—we do crafts for fun but we’d like to produce something useful.

Read on for her room-by-room picks—then roll up your sleeves and let out your inner craft maven. Instructions for how to do each craft are contained in the links within each slide.

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Tell us in the comments: What parts of your home could use a little creativity?

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  • Savvy

    Gosh I’m lazy. I look at this list more as cute craft looking stuff to buy but not to make. Is that terrible?

  • nay

    The mail link is pointing to yesterday’s article…

  • s.a.

    kinda hard to read the article when i can’t close the pop-up survey from chase blueprint…

  • Erikabowlin

    Great idea. They sell these pebbles at Dollar Store. Now I know what to do. I did not even think of it!

  • Erikabowlin

    I am doing the fireplace logs in the morning. Another cool idea, I never thought of!