22 Flavors Per Year: Savvy Sugar Talks To The Owner Of Kara’s Cupcakes

22 Flavors Per Year: Savvy Sugar Talks To The Owner Of Kara’s Cupcakes

We're so excited to have another great Savvy Sugar post here on LearnVest!

All of us have a dream job we're secretly harboring. Readers recently shared their dream jobs, which inspired this new Savvy series: In Her Shoes.

Cupcakes are little treats that bring so much joy to the world and stomach, so it must be a dream to be surrounded by them all the time. That's exactly what Kara Lind of Kara's Cupcakes, deals with every day — cupcakes, cupcakes, and more cupcakes!

SavvySugar: Why is your job a dream job?

Kara Lind: It’s a dream job for a variety of reasons. One, it’s a dream job to be your own boss and see what you're creating and building. And two, it’s a dream job in a sense that you get to be creative and figure out what you want the outlet, the cupcakes, to look like. The flavor, the plan, the whole sense of style value — so that for me is a dream job. It’s just a creative outlet. And also a third part of the dream job is to create jobs for the people. It’s been really great to have these employees. We now have 70 employees and you just watch them flourish, and I watch our employees kind of come in to learn the ropes and really grow as people. That’s a dream to see come true to see that you’re helping other people kind of make their way.

SS: How many cupcakes do you eat per day?

KL: I prob eat one a day but I eat a mini, I don’t eat a full one. Let me put it this way, this morning when I went in, I didn’t have breakfast so I had two unfrosted warm pumpkin cupcakes and they were divine.

SS: How did you get into this?

KL: I was working for Conde Nast's Allure magazine and I was doing the basic advertising sales, dealing with a big, glamourous magazine. I wanted to do something different and so I enrolled in pastry school, which took place at night and on the weekends. And so I did that. And while I was enrolling in pastry school, I knew I wanted to start my own bakery, I just didn’t know what kind. As soon as I got into pastry school I was like hey you know what, [a cupcake] is a small wonderful individual treat, and you can make them for all sorts of different [occasions] so I’m going to focus on opening a cupcake bakery.

SS: How old were you when you started?

KL: I started my business when I was 35, and I had a full on career and a career change. So you can start a new career pretty much whenever you want. It doesn’t have to be age-related!

SS: What's your favorite cupcake?

KL: I have 22 different flavors throughout the year, so it’s like picking your favorite child, but the one that I go to most often, that I find most comfort in, is the vanilla cake with chocolate frosting. That just kind of hits the spot for me and suffices my sugar fix, but all of them are really wonderful. I love them all, I crave them all. But the vanilla chocolate is one that I really enjoy.

SS: Any last words?

KL: I love what I do. I’ve always dreamed growing up that I would have my own business, but it’s so funny that I’m the daughter of a dentist and I run a cupcake shop. It’s the most ironic thing ever, and there is some humor there. I just loved sweets, candy, ice cream, everything! And eventually something I loved led me to a passion to open a cupcake shop, so it’s been great.

Check out the original article at Savvy Sugar! (CLICK HERE)

Tell us in the comments: Would you want to work in a bakery (or an ice cream store, or a candy store...)?


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