1.5 Million Vehicles Requested In Toyota Recall

1.5 Million Vehicles Requested In Toyota Recall

And they’re at it again. The newest recall on the block is from Toyota, who have discovered a brake fluid leak that may affect brake performance over time. In the U.S., models being recalled are:

-         Avalon
-         Highlander
-         Lexus GS300
-         Lexus IS250
-         Lexus IS350

Toyota is the world’s biggest (and highly trusted) automobile company, and in response to the recall they’ve assembled 40 engineers and multiple teams to tweak the flawed design. While faulty brakes are bad news for us, there’s some bad news for Toyota, too: Over the course of this year, their stock has fallen 25%.

Tell us in the comments: Have you ever had a product recalled?


Image Credit: Automedia


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