What Would You Endure For Cheap Plane Tickets?

What Would You Endure For Cheap Plane Tickets?

We find flying to be a charming experience. The chew toys, the snuggling, the mock-wrestling—oh wait, that’s puppy cam. Flying is that hellish process in which you get up before dawn and glue your contacts into your eyes in preparation for two hours of waiting on line and undergoing increasingly invasive security procedures, all for the privilege of crunching yourself into four square feet of space, minus your neighbor’s elbow...and pay handsomely.

Aren’t Saddles For Horses?

Now Gawker has some more good news for us: The FAA is looking into lowering fares! And their proposed method of doing this is by accommodating more passengers on the plane, in smaller seats. The proposed seats resemble saddles, and all that goes with. Spectacular. Enjoy the looks on the testers’ faces as they wedge knees and dignity into grossly undersized “seats” and observe the side effects, including loss of circulation and seat-burn.

Airlines And The Bigger Picture

It would probably be more cost-effective to put wings on subway cars and go from there, but airlines are still insisting that they’re benefitting the passengers. Strangely enough, such proposed evolutions in travel echo the American economy at large (no eye-rolling!). On the ground, American society is becoming increasingly polarized—richer getting richer, poorer getting poorer and all that—and it looks like this pattern extends to four-hour plane rides. First and luxury class are getting only more decadent, including private suites and in-air bars, while the back of the plane is getting pushed only further back. We can pay through the nose for an impossibly luxurious experience, or pay through the ears for an impossibly uncomfortable experience. Either way, we’ll pay.

Tell us in the comments: How much of a discount would you need to try a saddle-seat?


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