Are Your Finances An Online Game? Visa And Saints Quarterback Drew Brees Think So

Are Your Finances An Online Game? Visa And Saints Quarterback Drew Brees Think So

We keep insisting that personal finance can be fun, and now we've got some muscle on our side: Quarterback Drew Brees, of the New Orleans Saints football team, is promoting an online combination football and personal finance game created by Visa called Financial Football.

Quarterbacks Make Mistakes, Too

The Wall Street Journal reports that the game resonates with Mr. Brees—during college he went overboard opening credit cards and putting off bill payments. And you know the next part: his credit score suffered.


Football And Finance Make A Fun Five Minutes

The game (available HERE), allows players to play alone or against a friend, to represent a chosen team, and to play a quarter, half, or full game. When it’s time to run a play, the player chooses between easy, medium, and hard options, then answers a financial question according to the same level of difficulty to ensure the play’s success. It’s geared towards younger players, as the three levels are rookie (ages 11 to 14), pro (ages 14-18) and Hall of Fame (ages 18+), but the Hall of Fame questions are plenty challenging. Worried your financial knowledge won’t get you past the first down? The site also offers mini-lessons to refresh your memory. Go ahead and crush your opponents with all of your LearnVest knowledge, but first—turn down the volume on your computer.

(And if you're more into dribbling than tackling, Visa also offers financial soccer.)

Tell us in the comments: Would you play this game? Why or Why not? What financial game would you play?


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