Unilever Buys Alberto Culver, Shoppers Get A Reminder

Unilever Buys Alberto Culver, Shoppers Get A Reminder

Alberto Culver isn’t our high school Spanish teacher—it’s a Chicago-based hair-care products company that was just bought by Dutch company Unilever.

Unilever Becomes Number One

Unilever sounds familiar because it’s not only the maker of Dove soap, but now—according to Bloomberg—the world’s largest maker of hair-conditioning products, the second-largest of shampoo, and third largest in styling. The company spent $3.7 billion to acquire Alberto Culver and add TRESemme, Nexxus, and VO5 to its roster.

Different Packaging, Same Origin

While it seems like just another corporate takeover, the Unilever/Alberto Culver deal set off a few of our mental bells. Brand loyalty is a strong force—it’s usually the factor making us choose Dove over the much cheaper VO5. But we rarely remember that a good deal of these brands come from the same manufacturer… how different can they be? We’re always donning the “Team Generic” shirts around here, but those without the required message tee can adopt their own shampoo-aisle conscience. Despite all of the different colors, and bottle shapes, and scents, these hair-care products come from the same place. So, as responsible spenders, why on earth wouldn’t we choose the cheapest option?

Tell us in the comments: How do you choose your hair-care products?


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