This Yom Kippur: Atonement, Repentance and Online Reflection

This Yom Kippur: Atonement, Repentance and Online Reflection

For some of us, today is Friday. For others, it’s a High Holy Day—Yom Kippur. Those of us who haven’t spent too much time in a temple might not realize that today is one of the holiest days of the Jewish year, and that in addition to the regular temple-goers, this is the time that many secular Jews attend services. Observance includes a series of prayers and a period of fasting.

Reflection Isn’t Faith-Exclusive

But whether or not you observe Yom Kippur, its themes are those which resonate with us all: atonement and repentance. Granted, the terminology doesn’t need to be quite so heavily religious, but whichever words we choose, all of us have wanted to make up for a past transgression. We all make mistakes, and any opportunity to acknowledge (and perhaps correct our wrongs) is one to be seized.

Look Inwards—Online

And in the spirit of self-reflection (we’re sorry we missed last month’s IRA contribution!), we stumbled across the website 10Q. It’s a—free, of course—service that has you answer one question per day, then stores your answers and emails them back to you one year later. Did you ever do that middle-school project where you write a letter to your future self? It’s like that, but more high-tech and with a catchier name. If you have a minute to do some self-reflection today, on Yom Kippur, we encourage it. But we won’t go so far as to demand repentance.

Tell us in the comments: How do you take advantage of opportunities for self-reflection?


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