This School Year, Look No Further: Birthday Gifts For Kids Of Any Age

What Will Make Your Favorite Kid Smile?

The school year has just started, and you can bet you’ll soon be getting birthday invitations from classmates of your children. Unless the friendship your child has with the birthday boy or girl grows into a friendship you’ll have with their parents, it’s unlikely you’ll want to spend the minimum required for a gift.

But how much to spend? Do you have to buy a gift for the kid you may never see again? A $20 bill seems like enough to spend, although your budget may necessitate less or require some arts skills at home to make a gift. At least have your child save you a few bucks by making the birthday card. And yes, basic etiquette requires that you bring a gift for the child if you accept the invitation, even if it’s a baby.

In preparation of all the birthday parties you’re about to attend, here are some inexpensive gift ideas that will make the kids happy and keep you in good graces with your kid and among parents. All are $20 or less:

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    Children’s toys make me happy.

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    My niece’s fifth bday is this week. Thank you thank you thank you LearnVest

  • You’ve some great gifts there for the kids young and young at heart! Having a game plan before you purchase may save you time as well as money. nn