Quiz: The 5 Ways Married Couples Organize Their Money

Quiz: The 5 Ways Married Couples Organize Their Money

It’s easy to make fun of social science research when the results seem like obvious common sense. The following info is from a survey done in 2002 in the UK. Let me know if you think these results are obvious or not.

Basically, married couples tend to use five different money systems:

1. He gives her his paycheck and she manages the money, giving him an allowance to spend.
2. He manages the money, giving her an allowance for both household and personal spending.
3. The money is completely separate. Each manages his or her own independently.
4. There’s a partial pool, where there may be a joint household fund but the rest is left to each to manage.
5. The joint system where all the money is pooled and jointly managed.

Answer the following questions; if you can answer all correctly, you will win a free 30 minute consultation with me on any money issue (LearnVest workers excluded)!

  • Which systems do you think are related to higher levels of happiness and/or dissatisfaction with family life? For the man? For the woman?
  • Which systems do you think are seen as the man having an advantage?
  • Which system do you think is related to the couples who have more money to manage? The least amount of money to manage?

Enter your answers in the comments section below! The answers will be publicly available in a future post—and one lucky person who gets everything right will win a free psychology of money consultation with me.

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