Snack Ideas For Mind And Body: Eating Healthy Can Be Easy And Cheap

Healthful Snacking, Revisited

Back in August, LearnVest put out a search for healthy snack ideas, and readers responded. The feedback and suggestions were great; I especially love the one about mixing a can of tuna with a ripe avocado and serving it on Wasa crackers.

Here are additional budget-conscious ideas for healthful snacking:

1. Trade Chips For Nuts

Nuts get a bad rap because of the misconception that they are expensive and high in fat. Though they may be expensive per pound ($6 for walnuts, $9 for pecans), a 1½-oz serving will fill you up, unlike three servings of chips. Remember, there are good fats and bad fats. Nuts are a source of good fat.

2. Opt For Fruit Plus A Protein

Fruit was a huge focus in the LearnVest reader poll. I always say that pairing a fruit with a protein is a fierce combination. Eating just fruit will create the “Chinese food effect”: You may be satisfied after you eat that banana, but you’ll be hungry an hour later. Add a handful of peanuts to the banana, though, and you’ll go for hours on about $0.65.

3. Stock Quick Snacks At Home

Keep healthy snacks on hand. I store carrots and celery sticks in water in the fridge as crunchy snacks. I often make a “quick hummus” to liven up the vegetables. Pre-dinner, I nibble on low-calorie quick pickles to take the edge off of my hunger to prevent the temptation to overeat at dinner. Finally, I always have a couple of hard boiled eggs in the fridge, as they come in handy for a power-packed snack or a quick meal.

4. Make Snacks From “Scraps”

It’s fun to make something from nothing, and often my fridge has lots of bits and bites floating around. I usually have some sort of pesto in the fridge, as well as the requisite roasted peppers and ends of cheese. Just last night I made the best snack of the season by toasting a couple thin slices of day-old bastone (a seeded Italian bread, thicker than a French baguette) and topping them with pesto and the last bites of fresh mozzarella. Another great combination: hummus and roasted peppers. Healthy snacking is a mindset, so get creative and feel strong!

For some healthy snack recipes, click through our slide show!

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  • Guest

    Not sure if this is worth the money. How does the differ from advice other entry-level personal finance gurus (a la Suze Orman) provide, except for the language being dumbed-down/hipped-up?

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, Deborah! This is making me hungry for hummus!

  • Katie

    I ALWAYS snack on pickles when I’m trying to stave off hunger. I love the sweet mini variety!

  • AlchemyNY

    We have chickens, and so fresh eggs. I mix chopped hard boiled eggs w/ 3 parts lo-fat mayo and 1 part Trader Joe’s wasabi mayo….use in sandwiches, make deviled eggs or spread on crackers. Whenever I put it out people rave and ask for the recipes, lol

  • Great article; healthy snacks are the way to go to keep you fueled throughout the day…I’m a big fan of snacking and keeping blood sugar steady between meals.nThank you for sharing.nBest,nAmie nThe Healthy

  • Thanks for all the tips! I like to have a hard-boiled egg for breakfast each morning. The protein is great for my metabolism and it actually keeps me satisfied until lunch time. For more tips that you can personalize for your own healthy eating plan, check out my book, Living the Thin Life. ~Elle Meyer, author of Living the Thin Life,