Quiz: Can You Pass A Financial Stress Test?

A smattering of major banks around the world failed stress tests a while back, meaning that they don’t have the liquid assets they’d need to stay afloat if the proverbial, well, you know, hit the recession fan. How would you fare in a personal version of the stress test? Let’s see just how financially resilient you really are:

1. Do you have an emergency fund savings?

2. If you have an emergency fund, how much is saved up in it?

3. Do you have any additional savings, separate from your emergency fund?

4. If you found out you were pregnant tomorrow, would you have enough in additional savings?

5. Do you have renter’s or homeowner’s insurance?

6. What kind of coverage does your renter’s or homeowner’s insurance have?

7. Do you have auto insurance?

8. Do you have health insurance?

9. What kind of health insurance do you have?

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  • David Guest

    Awesome quiz! Not as fun as the Cosmo ones, but oh well!

  • Savvy

    I got 7 points–so go me–but I still have questions who can I talk to?

  • Anonymous

    Hi @Savvy !nGreat job on the 7 points! If you’d like to chat with us please contact Feedback AT LearnVest. We’ll be happy to answer any questions there.nCheers,nCaroline WaxlernChief Content & Community Officer

  • Anonymous

    7 points here. Not up to 8 months’ expenses yet; and not up to 15k for other savigns at the moment. I’m in education, so my savings took a little hit over the summer when I was not able to work as much. Both of those situations should be remedied in the next 1-2 months though. Luckily I’m contracted, so I know I have a job through June anyway!

    • Anonymous

      Lucky you! Great job on the 7 points! You should be so pleased. It sounds like you are well on your way to being a personal finance superstar! We are pretty much saluting you over here!

  • Keysburg

    I am annoyed you assume we are all going to get pregnant. Yeah, this is a site for women but that doesn’t automatically mean we are going to have children.

    • Anonymous

      You are absolutely right. We should have been more thoughtful on that point. Thanks for your comment.

    • Hi Keysburg,nnI apologize that that’s how it comes off, and I apologize because that’s definitely not the angle we were going for–this issue applies to people across the board. Being the father of an unplanned pregnancy is just as much of a responsibility (for men who assume the responsibility, at least). There are obviously lots of options available out there, and every person is in a unique situation, but this is an article about whether readers would be prepared if and when the unexpected happened. nnWe don’t want to talk fault here–your home could be robbed because you were forgetful and left your door open or because the robber smashed through your hi-tech alarm system. Similarly, whether or not couples take necessary precautions against pregnancy, we want to talk not about how it happens but about what to do if it does. That’s the choice of each individual pair, but, for those people who would go ahead and take on the mantle of parenthood, the question remains: Would you be prepared?

  • BSfh

    How about a financial stress test for those of us who have lost homes, jobs and all our personal belongings? When you’ve lost it all, how do you start over?

    • Anonymous

      @BSFh Thank you for your comment. That is something that we will address. In the meantime, if you have specific questions please email us at Feedback [at] LearnVest and we will do our best to help. Best, Caroline, Chief Content & Community Officer