Major Sales: LCD TVs Only Get Cheaper In Coming Months

Major Sales: LCD TVs Only Get Cheaper In Coming Months

Looking for a new TV? Don’t rush to the store just yet—it looks like everyone’s favorite toy will only get cheaper as the year goes on.

Oversupply Of LCD Panels Leads To Price Cuts

CNN Money reports that due to a decrease in demand over the past two years and the resulting supply glut, retailers will be cutting the prices of LCD TVs starting in October. By December, it’s expected that the sets will go for 12% less than last year. Retailers had placed high hopes on the World Cup for a sales incentive, but the new wave of money-conscious, recession-era shoppers continued to hold out and make do with what they already have (cheers to that!). But now there are tons of TVs that need to go, so the end of 2010 should see a purging of cheap LCD television sets.

Wait For It…

We know the temptation of shiny new toys all too well. And in this case, it looks like a little patience means our life will get that much shinier, without the cloud of over-spender’s remorse. Moral of the story: Wait for the sales! And once they start, move fast—we aren’t the only ones lured by the magical combination of technology and price cuts.

Tell us in the comments: Do you update your TV to a shiny new version or stick with what you have?


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