Funny Business: One Writer Braves Improv To Strengthen Her Skills


How Improv Can Help Your Career

To our surprise, improvisational comedy isn’t just for career comedians. It’s also for the person who wants to learn how better to articulate and assert herself, and maybe even buck up her sense of humor!

One Savvy Sugar writer decided that she was one of these people, and in the name of career development, she signed up for an improv class. Appropriate high jinks ensue. Read her story here, at Savvy Sugar.

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  • Savvy

    Love improv! I took it to help public speaking. Totally worked!

    • My drug is you

      Me, too! Thru UC Berkeley extension in SF. Totally great. Helped so much.

      • Savvy

        I took mine at UCB in NYC. Loved it!