From Fines To Jail Time: The 10 Biggest Celebrities Guilty Of Tax Evasion

While celebrities might have near-perfect memory when studying lines for their next big show, these stars have all seem to have “forgotten” to pay their taxes.  The list really spans the gamut, from a Latin pop star to a famous mafia leader and even America's favorite do-it-yourselfer: Martha Stewart. Check out how the financial faux pas of these celebrities landed them in hot water with the law, and left with a serious tab to pick up.

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Image Credit: HollyNews

  • zed

    Why am I not surprised that Moutha Stewart would cheat on taxes? Is she not the jail bird – of not too long ago – jailed for insider trading? ? ? Then whining that none of the others who did it got sent to prison? ? ? Well, if all those ‘friends’ jumped off a high bridge, would she do it, too? ? ? Apparently so. Whining all the way down. . . I am not fond of this woman. Could anybody tell?