Fashion Week Clothing Care: Lengthen the Life of Your Wardrobe

Fashion Week Clothing Care: Lengthen the Life of Your Wardrobe

In honor of the style-studded event that is New York's Fashion Week, we bring you our guide to lengthening the life of your wardrobe. Whether your favorite jeans are Sevens or Gap, it’s a dark day when those seams give out. Although we can’t promise to make your clothes last forever, we can help you squeeze every bit of use out of those prized fashion investments.


The Key to Wash-’N-Wear

The itchy little tag in your new hoodie isn’t just scissor fodder—it’s explicit directions on how best to wash and dry your clothes. Because we know that not everyone is fluent in the language of laundering symbols, here’s a guide to some of the most common symbols you need to know:


For a comprehensive list (including drying, dry cleaning, and bleaching symbols, visit

When to Go to the Tailor and When to Go It Alone

After you take your favorite blouse out of your suitcase, you notice that a button has fallen off. Do you:

a) Throw it out? ($60)
b) Bring it to the tailor? ($5)
c) Stitch it on yourself? ($2)

It’s cheap to get a needle and thread, and it should be simple to sew back on the extra button given to you with the blouse (or a decent replacement). We know that not everyone’s a seamstress, so here’s a good how-to video. Your needle skills don’t have to stop at buttons; the internet is full of step-by-step instructions on how to mend a tear or repair a hem. A simple tear requires only you and your needle. Save tailor visits for things you can’t do yourself, such as major alterations, difficult fabrics (like silk and wool), outerwear, and multi-layered pieces.

Be Well-Heeled

Instead of getting rid of our favorite-but-worn-out high heels, we simply brought them to the cobbler to get the heel repaired. On our search, we found prices ranging from $20 to $40, which just goes to show that it’s more than worthwhile to compare prices. Another way to extend the life of your heels is to have plastic heel protectors nailed onto them before you ever wear them. It shouldn’t set you back more than $15 per pair, and will give you a few extra months of wear.

Of course, don’t forget that Tide To-Go pen for those sad, fateful days when tomato sauce decides to sky dive into your lap…


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