Dez Bryant Makes Nice To The Dallas Cowboys—54K Of Nice

Dez Bryant Makes Nice To The Dallas Cowboys—54K Of Nice

Skittish about picking up the tab on girls’ night out? Try picking up the tab for an entire football team—for $54,896. Rookie Dez Bryant of the Dallas Cowboys did just that, but not exactly out of the goodness of his heart.

The Rookie And The Tab

The story goes like this: An unwritten rule of football training camp is that rookie’s carry the senior players’ pads to practice. Newcomer Bryant balked at the tradition—which he didn’t realize was such a big deal—and refused to do it. To make up for it, he agreed to buy Roy Williams (the poor sod who had to carry his own pads) dinner. But Williams invited the defensive players as well as the offensive players and stuck Bryant with the tab.

Bryant Saved Face

Fortunately for Bryant, reports are that he was a good sport about the whole mess. And with an $8.3 million rookie contract, he can afford to be.

Tell us in the comments: Should Bryant have paid the tab?

Image Credit: BoDog Beat


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