Designer Fashion Becomes Accessible At Target, Topshop, And More

Designer Fashion Becomes Accessible At Target, Topshop, And More

There’s a problem with a $2,000 pair of shoes: We're too afraid to wear them. What if there are puddles, or gravel, or (gasp!) gum? Thankfully, we can own beautiful things that we aren’t afraid to touch. More and more high fashion designers are defecting from the runway or simply expanding their lower tiers to make fashion affordable to the masses (that would be us).

From Custom To Cart

The Wall Street Journal writes of Vera Wang, whose name is synonymous with extravagant wedding dresses. But what most of us don’t know is that the bulk of Ms. Wang’s business isn’t in custom gowns. It’s her production of stationary, clothing, mattresses, housewares, and more that make hers an empire. Designers who expand their products and therefore their markets are able to multiply their businesses exponentially—look at brands such as Martha Stewart and Ralph Lauren.

Retailers And Designers Make A Formidable Team

It’s nearly impossible to exist as a successful designer who can only accommodate high-end demand, and lower-end retail stores are willing to seize the opportunity. Target wrangled Isaac Mizrahi, Topshop grabbed Kate Moss, and they’re about to have a solid hold on Lanvin as well. CNN Money has put together a particularly fun slideshow of seven designers who have gone beyond fashion week to market their products to the masses. And we masses are appreciative.

Check out the slideshow HERE.

Tell us in the comments: Which are your favorite affordable designer lines?


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