Companies Prefer To Recruit Graduates Of State Universities, Not Private Colleges

Companies Prefer To Recruit Graduates Of State Universities, Not Private Colleges

Few are the college students who don’t dream of splashing into prestigious, well-paying jobs immediately upon graduation. Many are those who don’t make it happen. But for the students who are on top of their game, recruiting is an essential part of junior and senior year. And lately, large companies are concentrating their recruiting powers on sizeable state universities, rather than trekking out to each liberal arts campus and community college.

Recruiters Must Cut Costs

The Wall Street Journal reports that it costs recruiters at least $500,000 to bring in only 100 graduates, and that by casting their net into a larger pool at each university, they’re able to yield more recruits and save money in the process. State universities are also favorites, they say, because their course load creates students who are well-versed in basic skills and who tend to fit in well to corporate culture.

Companies Develop Relationships With State Schools

Big-name companies such as Google take recruitment into consideration when choosing locations to establish new offices, and focus their recruitment process on schools that have served them well in the past and with which they would like to have more solid relationships. This news is less-than-welcome to the students and administration of smaller colleges, who often boast of their name recognition as a benefit in the job search.

Public Or Private?

Obviously, chances are slim that a future member of the workforce will shift from the uber-competitive liberal arts school or Ivy that was the focus of her entire high school career to a state university purely for a leg up in recruitment…but the more we think about it, the less ludicrous it seems. The pendulum is swinging back towards State U. To attend school in-state is already cheaper than attending private college, there’s a good chance it’s more convenient, and now it seems to be further endorsed by companies that can afford to hire in a stagnant job market. Will the recession see the rise of the state university? Check back in the year 2020.

Tell us in the comments: Did you go through recruitment? What do you think of the process?


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