Career Advice From Citibank: Man Up

Career Advice From Citibank: Man Up

In case you’ve been busy building your own career and haven’t had time to wander through the blogosphere, Citibank has been operating in top form. The list (right), taken from the bank’s headquarters, is a list of self-defeating business habits that are (theoretically) common in women.

Straight From A CitiDesk

Blogger David Xia was the first to obtain and publish this list to the web, and through an influx of attention, he has made sure to clarify that this list was taken from a desk at Citibank by a friend who was there for an interview. Neither he nor his friend are sure of how the list was distributed or how it was used, only that it’s a Citi publication using tips from a career-advice book by Lois Frankel.

Should We Be Reassured Or Insulted?

There are two reactions to this list: One involves narrowed eyes and inappropriate addendums, and one involves a nod of thanks and a mental note to change one’s future behavior. Because, as per usual, conventional femininity is a drawback in the office and a benefit outside. Speaking softly? Sitting demurely? Smiling? Naïveté? There’s a fine line between changing someone’s behavior in the office and their personality overall. These ten points—including undesirable behaviors such as asking permission, playing fair, and apologizing—are indicative of the conflicting messages given to society’s female members as they juggle outside and inside-office personas. Citibank, we applaud your consideration for your female employees. We’re less enthused about your methods.

Tell us in the comments: Offensive or appreciated?


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