Airline Industry Poised For New Planes And New Jobs

Airline Industry Poised For New Planes And New Jobs

In a fun twist, it looks like an industry that will be hiring in the near future is air travel. While we might have thought that potential passengers would have run screaming from any hint of saddle-seat, it looks like the industry will be undergoing a massive (normal-seated) expansion over the next two decades.

Good News For Pilots

CNN Money reports that 30,000 new aircraft are set for production, and that their creation will necessitate the hiring over 1 million new workers, from maintenance crew to pilots. That’s an annual average of about 50,000 new employees per year. This will be a global project, and North America alone is poised to hire around 300,000 workers.

We’re Still Wary, Airlines!

Any news of expansion, hiring, or recovery gives us the warm fuzzies, but we’re going to have to reconcile ourselves to the fact that the people who brought us in-flight meals and carry-on charges are putting on the “good guy” sign. But no matter which sign they wear (barring, perhaps, “free money”), we’re still going to arm ourselves with every tip and trick we can find. We’ll aim for free flights through overbooking, we’ll stock up with our own snacks and reading material, thank you very much, and we’ll do everything in our power to spend as little as possible when making reservations. Heck, maybe we’ll just take a train, instead.

Tell us in the comments: Which sign would you be unable to resist?


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