10 Outrageous, Expensive Gifts That Take Generosity To A Whole New Level

It’s unbelievable what a little money can do—well, maybe not a little money.

Take a look at some of these unbelievable gifts from one obscenely rich person to another. Besides the price tags—and believe us, those are pretty incredible—the gifts themselves are breathtaking. No bottles of wine for these spenders… more like vineyards.

What do you think about such lavish spending—is it acceptable or absurd? Which outlandish gift would excite you the most? Tell us what you think!

But first, click through our slideshow of 10 unbelievable gifts!

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  • Savvy

    “A Piece of the Moon, $300 Million, Roman Abromovicu2019s Gift To Fiancu00e9.nnRoman Abromovic, a businessman most famous as owner of the Chelsea Football Club, bought his girlfriend Daria Zhukova 100 acres of land on the moon from the Lunar Embassy.”nnCan I sell them some moon pieces too?n

  • LearnVestFan

    These are insane. Clearly these folks have not read LV??

  • Savvy

    That pink car is disgusting. I refuse on principle to click on that.