Would You Change Your Delivery Date If You Didn’t Have Health Insurance?

Would You Change Your Delivery Date If You Didn’t Have Health Insurance?

This morning we stopped dead in our web-browsing tracks when we came across this article on CafeMom. Reportedly, a pregnant teacher lost her job (and her health insurance with it), so she moved up the date of her delivery to make the cutoff. Yes, this woman risked enormous health-related issues for her new child to avoid footing her hospital bill. But when we take a closer look, it’s hard not to understand her desperation.

We’re keen to the fact that a new baby means new big expenses. Before bringing your bundle of joy into the world, you have to make sure that your bank accounts are prepared. Pregnancy affects your finances. But before we even start shelling out dough for diapers and baby wipes, we have to pay for the delivery. Yes, that excruciatingly painful event will cost you more than just your sanity. CafeMom estimates that a normal vaginal delivery (devoid of any complications), can cost anywhere from $9,000-$17,000. A C-section can run anywhere from $14,000-$25,000! When we’re talking about this much money, it’s easy to see why someone would be desperate enough to move up the date of her delivery.

When Rhonda Hartwell changed her delivery date, she probably was not considering the increased risk of respiratory problems, and a lengthy list of all sorts of other complications, that arise when babies are delivered before 40 weeks. But desperate times call for desperate measures, and it looks like Ms. Hartwell did not see any other option.

LearnVest wants to know: Have you ever had to make a health decision based on money or your health insurance? Leave us a comment.

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