Where To Trade In Your iPod, Cell Phone, And Other Electronic Gadgets For Cash

Where To Trade In Your iPod, Cell Phone, And Other Electronic Gadgets For Cash

Everyone has at least a few old electronic gadgets just lying around the house that are ready to be recycled. In our closet, we have an old camera, computer, and a Flip video camcorder that we no longer use. And while it helps the environment to keep your old iPod or cell phone in the closet and not in the city dump, you could do yourself a financial service by selling them online.

Here are some places to sell or trade your electronic gadgets, other than just eBay. Don’t expect much money, especially for older items, but it beats giving them away for free to a recycler. Most of these businesses will provide you with a pre-paid box to ship your item to them.

Trade In For A Target Gift Card

NextWorth has a partnership with Target where recycling your old electronics can get you a Target gift card. From phones to cameras, laptops, video games, DVD movies, and other things, just find your item and describe its condition, including if you have the AC charger and original manual, and it will tell you how much money you’ll get. A Flip video camcorder with its original material could get you $32.80 here.

For Any Product--Broken Or Used

BuyMyTronics.com offers free shipping and will take electronics in any condition. Not all sites will take broken items, although most won’t pay you for them but will recycle them for you for free. If recycling is your goal for a broken item, you’re better off finding a local recycling place yourself.

Get Cash For The Latest Apple Products

With new iPods coming out at least every year, chances are you have an iPod that you’d like to replace with the newest version. You might as well turn that thought into cash, and sell it to TuneCycle or recycle it through Apple. If you trade it in at the store you’ll get 10 percent off a new iPod the same day.

Making It Easy...

Gazelle is one of our favorite sites because they make it extremely easy and offer some of the best prices around. Our Flip video camcorder was worth $28, which is less than NextWorth offered, but we were offered cash here instead of a Target gift card. They also have a handy chart that shows the loss in price as a function of time.

The best thing about all of these sites is that in a few minutes you can search all of them and find out how much money you can get for something that was sitting in a drawer collecting dust. They may not make you rich, but it beats having them clutter up your home.

LV Tip: To get the best price, sell well before you expect the new version of your electronic device to come out. Apple, for example, generally releases new generations of its products a year after the latest one has come out, so selling close to a new releases date probably won’t get you as much money as if you had sold it earlier. The company is very good at not setting firm release dates too early so they won’t hurt sales of its existing products.

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