What Does The UAE BlackBerry Ban Mean For Business Communication?

What Does The UAE BlackBerry Ban Mean For Business Communication?

We generally talk a lot about the iPhone, but we know there are tons of avid BlackBerry users out there. What would you say if we told you those much-beloved BlackBerry services (email, messaging, internet) were banned? Would this affect your work life? We’ve only had mobile Internet service for a handful of years now, but it’s pretty difficult to imagine a time when we couldn’t look up the nearest restaurant or get in touch with our boss from the subway. Would our businesses survive?

This scenario is about to become a reality in the United Arab Emirates, where they are going to suspend BlackBerry mobile communication services.

Why the ban? According to their officials, the BlackBerry services operate “outside its laws and raise national security concerns.”

Just this morning, the news tells us that not only will this affect their users, but it will also put visitors in the area out of reach. This has potential to pose a serious problem for businesses that frequently send employees through the area’s busiest airport in Dubai, where approximately 100,000 passengers pass through daily.

Aside from the immediate impact on communication and business deals, the ban is likely to spread (as it already has to Saudi Arabia, the Arab Gulf’s most populous nation and biggest economy). Will companies opt out of BlackBerry deals? We told you about the sky-high price of ending your cell phone contracts early, but will people be forced to pay the bill in order to stay in touch?

Where would you be without your BlackBerry? Do you use its services for work? Leave us a comment.


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