Fall Fashion Starts Soon: The LV Guide To Seasonal Styles

When the dog days of summer are (finally) over and fall comes tumbling in, what are you supposed to do with your favorite summer clothes? Wear them! The key is mixing and matching—in ways that pop rather than fizzle.

We bring you the top 5 tips for taking your summer pieces into fall, which will help you save both your closet and your wallet:

1. Wear Tights

Tights are cheap and can go under anything: shorts, dresses, you name it. With all of the color options out there, they also allow you to kick up the color in your ensemble. Go for an opaque pair like these to keep you warmer as it gets colder.

2. Turn Your Summer Dresses Into Fall Jumpers

By adding a button-down or long-sleeved shirt under a summer dress, you’ll instantly create a warmer option for a favorite look. Try wearing a classic white button-down shirt under a punchy summer dress for a look that’s work appropriate and super chic. Don’t be afraid to try this with strapless dresses too!

3. Riding Boots: Not Just For Cowboys

Riding boots are a fall staple. Tall boots in a basic color allow you to continue wearing mini dresses, cropped pants, and skirts without being seasonally inappropriate. If you invest in a good pair, then have the soles replaced every year or two rather than buying a new boot every fall.

4. Add On Top.

Take one summer tank, one beach hoodie, one boyfriend blazer, layer them up and voila! Not only will you be getting use out of items you already had, but you’ll have the perfect look for weekend brunches all the way through November.

5. Invest In Statement Pieces

Chances are that you have a few good basics in your closet: a good pair of jeans, some solid tops, and a cardigan or two. If you feel the need to splurge on something new for the upcoming season, go for a piece that pops. Buying something in a print or with an interesting shape will give you something to mix in with what you already have. For example, a bold print top will look great with a pair of jeans and boots on the weekend, with a high-waisted skirt in the office, or under a blazer with a pair of shorts and tights when you’re traveling. The options are endless and it will keep your outfits interesting and elevated.

To see our takes on these styles (and imagine your own!), check out our slideshow.

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  • KMB

    I love tights! I would also add leggings to this tip (not to be nit-picky over names) especially as the weather gets chilly.