The Discovery Channel Features ColdFire: Now What Will It Do For Sales?

The Discovery Channel Features ColdFire: Now What Will It Do For Sales?

When a fit of insomnia strikes and we’re left clicking through infomercials at 2 a.m., we give a lot less thought to the forces behind their creation than exactly how much we would use another set of workout DVDs. But it turns out that quite a lot of thought goes into their creation long before they reach our TVs. In the new Discovery Channel series “Pitchmen,” two infomercial personalities cross the country to find new inventions they could pitch: the latest is ColdFire.

Advertisers Go Up In Flames

According to Market Watch, ColdFire is a product that extinguishes any type of fire without any toxic results. To demonstrate its effectiveness, one of the men coats himself in the product and sets himself on fire. It may seem like unnecessary lengths to sell a product, but OmniReliant Holdings, which makes Coldfire, claims that having their DualSaw product featured on last season’s “Pitchmen” generated about $20 million dollars in sales for the product.

Infomercials Aren’t The Only Outlet

It’s well-worn wisdom in entertainment that any publicity is good publicity, but in sales—good publicity is vastly preferable. And that goes for small businesses as well. While not every invention or proprietor of a small business can get on the Discovery Channel, exposure counts for something. We can't know whether ColdFire will be as successful as the DualSaw (or more so), but we’re certainly interested to find out.

Tell us in the comments: Have you ever bought anything useful from an infomercial?


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