“The Bachelorette” Or Paying To Meet Their Spouse: How People Are Finding Love

“The Bachelorette” Or Paying To Meet Their Spouse: How People Are Finding Love

Met your mate on “The Bachelorette”? Did you shell out $100,000 for a matchmaker to set you up? What ever happened to the days of good, old-fashioned fate?

These days, strategies for finding love have become more creative than ever. We can play it out like Ali Fedotowsky on a reality show and get to choose among a sea of charming men. We can sign up with a matchmaking Web site to guide us towards “the one." Or…. we can pay up to six figures to be set up with the partner of our dreams.

According to a recent article from Time Magazine, even in these shaky economic times, there are folks who can afford to pay major bucks for the chance to be set up with the right person.

Certain love-finding consultants charge clients anywhere from $50,000 to $500,000 a year! (And, you might not know it but online dating sites also come with a price. Check out our chart!) The matchmaking industry is also growing as a whole. One company found that their membership rate is up 46% this year, another 30%.

Those who are able to afford this price tag seem to be tired of finding a partner on their own. And when it comes to the price, as the article nicely put it, $100,000 for the right person doesn’t seem so bad when clients are losing $4 million on their divorce with the wrong person.

When it comes to love and money, we know situations can be tricky. Money is the biggest topic couples fight over, leaving some people to resort to financial infidelity. With different spending styles, navigating the road to a healthy financial life together can prove challenging.

Then consider the notion of power. If one partner puts in thousands of dollars to find the other, do they have the upper hand? What are the dynamics in a couple when one partner literally funded the relationship?

What do you think? Does the partner who paid a matchmaker to find the right person have more power? Leave us a comment.


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