Take It From Erykah Badu: Less Clothing Is More Expensive

Take It From Erykah Badu: Less Clothing Is More Expensive

Exactly how disorderly is it to strip naked on a Dallas street and pretend to take a shot in the head exactly where JFK was assassinated? About $500 worth of disorderly, if we take our cue from the fine singer Erykah Badu will pay after shooting a music video five months ago in Texas.

Someone’s Always Watching

After a complaint from a witness about Badu’s impropriety, the singer has been given a disorderly conduct citation that demands the fine in addition to a six-month probation. As long as she can keep below the radar for half a year, the charge will vanish—except from the internet.

Distance Can Offer Perspective

For those of us reading the story from our fully-clothed offices, devoid of any dramatic pseudo-assassinations, all evidence points to ridiculous. First clue: Woman filmed scurrying around Texas (that easygoing, liberal enclave) streets sans clothing. Second clue: Witness getting so worked up about some nudity that he or she filed a complaint. Filing complaints is a pain. Kicker: The witness is in the right—justice has been served!

Imagine The Possibilities

Perhaps a $500 fine doesn’t mean much to a professional singer (could she get the choreographer or director to pay it?), but it would sting an awful lot if we had to re-allocate money from our retirement account to appease the local authorities. And there’s the lesson, ladies: Crime—er, artistic nudity—doesn’t pay. In fact, public nudity will cost you. Try to keep that revelation in mind.

Tell us in the comments: Is a video shoot worth filing an official complaint?


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