Savvy Sugar Is On Task: 10 Apps Every Businesswoman Should Have

Savvy Sugar Is On Task: 10 Apps Every Businesswoman Should Have

We’re super excited that our friends over at Savvy Sugar—who are, as expected, incredibly tech-savvy—have compiled the best 10 smartphone apps that every businesswomen should have. Check out the original article for an awesome slide show!

A smartphone (be it an iPhone, BlackBerry, Droid, or other) is arguably one of the most important business tools of the day. Aside from being a handy budget keeper, it can be an invaluable calendaring and life management tool and promises to streamline your organization if you know how to work it right. Stay on top of your game (and business) with these apps.

1. Wall Street Journal

Who has time to sit and read the Wall Street Journal over breakfast, or even online? Download Wall Street Journal (Free) and read the most significant stories of the day on your commute.

2. NY Times

The news never stops! NY Times (Free) gives you access to the articles and photos of the day.

3. Documents To Go Premium

This one is an iTunes top seller and it's easy to see why. Documents To Go Premium — Office Suite ($14.99) is the universal app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch that will let you view and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files.

4. Recorder

Need to record a conference call? Recorder ($.99) allows you to record outgoing calls on the cheap.

5. Trip Deck

Trip Deck Travel Itinerary Manager (Free) helps you to manage your hotel reservations, rental car, flight, and meetings from one place.

6. UPS

Track important packages with UPS Mobile (Free).

7. Remember Me

You meet a lot of people on the job. Remember Me (Free) will help you keep track of people — their names, how you know them, and next steps for keeping up with them.

8. Awesome Note (+ Todo)

Awesome Note (+ Todo) ($3.99 or a free lite version) lets you combine your notes with to-dos.

9. Business Card Reader

The handy Business Card Reader ($5.99) instantly recognizes business cards and converts the data into contact info.

10. Linkedin

Linkedin (Free) allows mobile access to your Linkedin profile.



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