Psych Yourself Rich, Or At Least Get A Free New Book

Psych Yourself Rich, Or At Least Get A Free New Book

We go to our etiquette expert Farnoosh Torabi for just about everything. "Farnoosh, my boyfriend's mom hates me! How can I get my sister-in-law to chip in for gas?" We'd be lost without her, and now we're not the only ones who can benefit from her wisdom.

Farnoosh's book Psych Yourself Rich is currently free for Kindle users! Move fast, because it's a limited-time offer.  Using behavioral psychology and her usual level-headed rationale, Farnoosh tells us how to increase our income while decreasing our stress levels. Of course, Psych Yourself Rich is always available in book form, but we're still blinking from the glare of the magic word: Free!

One of our favorite people has written a book on one of our favorite concepts, and it's currently available for our favorite price. It's a good day at LearnVest.

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