Not Everyone Loves Daily Deals: Consider The Businesses

Not Everyone Loves Daily Deals: Consider The Businesses

It looks like the day has finally come where we can lead a full life without leaving our computer chair. We can do our work, chat with our friends, play games, watch TV and movies, follow the news, listen to music, read classic literature and…shop. We’ve written before about how we can use online daily deals to have the most shopping fun for the least money, but there’s an angle we didn’t take into account: What if we’re the ones supplying the deals?

Daily Deals Aren’t Perfect

For some small business owners, reports the Wall Street Journal, offering daily deals can cause an awful headache. Certainly, there’s a sudden influx of business, but many people are only coming for the deal, and won’t continue to patronize the business once the price hikes back up. To address this problem, coupon sites such as Groupon and Living Social have begun to personalize their coupon assaults. Based on users’ age, gender, interests and buying history—among other factors—Groupon will filter the deals it offers, in the hopes of creating repeat customers.

The Returning Customer Is The Best Kind

While for consumers, the idea of businesses competing to offer the lowest prices is thrilling, it’s rough for the businesses. We navigate coupon sites to find the lowest cost for yoga classes, ice cream, salon services, and weekend entertainment, but as we flit from offer to offer, businesses lose an immeasurable boon: consumer loyalty.

How Will You Keep Them Coming?

Seeing as we’re all about helping you live stylishly within your means, we won’t advocate ignoring the savings opportunities that flood your inbox. But if you’re a small business owner who is considering collaborating with a daily deal website, remember that there’s a chance your product won’t speak for itself—you’ll have to speak for it. How will you make those customers return?

Tell us in the comments: What inspires you to be a loyal customer?


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